FLY / INSECT SCREENS - The areas leading suppliers for fly screens and insect screens for doors, fly screens and insect screens for windows, roller fly screens and insect screens, fly doors, chain door screens and also fly screen and insect screen material by the metre. We supply to homeowners those with caravans and motor homes and also businesses, including the catering trade, care homes, commercial kitchens and all those affected by restaurant regulations. Just click on the links below to see more details and buy the best flyscreen products.

PERSIANAS - Persianas have lightweight aluminium slats that are filled with foam to give some insulation against weather and noise. The purpose of an ordinary persiana is to keep the room dark and cool. If, instead of opening the persiana, it is raised just sufficiently to take the weight off it, a line of pin holes will be opened between each slat allowing a pleasing ingress of light to partially light the room. All persianas may be motorised and operated by remote control or wall switch. All our persianas have baffles in the boxes to prevent cold air and gusts of wind coming into the room. All our persianas are available in white, colours, metalic finishes or woodgrain finishes. Persianas may be fitted inside the existing door or window aperture, reducing the hight of the door or window frame by the dimension of the box, or they may be cut into the wall above the door or window allowing a full hight door or window frame to be used. The latter is the traditional Spanish way of fitting a persiana, and will give the best result.

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